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Retreats to Find Your Happiness and Health

Worldwide Retreats Designed to Help You Reclaim Your Health Happiness

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Plant Medicine & Psilocybin Retreats

Plant Medicine Psilocybin Retreats Will Change You Life

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Couples Happiness Retreats Worldwide

Couples Happiness and Couseling Retreats Save Families

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One-On-One Private Psychedelic Transformational 3 Days Retreat

A retreat is a special event where you interact with your own psyche, with the deep layers of your subconscious.

Handcrafted just for your needs 
Private Psychedelic retreat will be designed around your needs and goals.

You can arrange your private retreat as solo or for a small (up to 4 people) group of close friends or relatives. Often private wellness retreats are arranged for a couple, so you can be on the same page in your development or to improve your relationship as the couple. 

What is Happening at the Private Psychedelic Retreat?

At the beginning of our communication, I try to identify the “problem areas” in your psyche such as


“What is happiness for you?” and

“What’s stopping you from being happy?”

Those are two main questions, the answers to which will point to the main “problem areas” in the psyche.

Participant’s Deep Experience During the Shamanic and Other Ceremonies

Special States of Consciousness are a unique, deep transcendental experience. An experience that sometimes radically transforms the personality and life of a person. It works the best for a reflective and prepared person. In this case, the tasks that he sets for himself, and those problems that he would like to solve – they are performed and solved during the experience and the integration stage..
Combination of Theory and Practice

I spend a lot of time analyzing, discussing and working out your personal difficulties and problems.
We will jointly analyze each of the “problem areas” of your psyche and, in the light of your new perception, understanding and skills, we will see and apply all the ways to solve this problem.

The “theoretical part” is the most important part of our workshop / retreat. The quality of your whole life depends on how well and deeply you understand what is happening around and within yourself.

“Great Transformation during Shamanic Healing Retreat.”

It was a real incredible experience for us. The healing we received, really helped us to improve our relationship as a couple, as well as gave us many other discoveries on spiritual and physical levels. Thanks for making this healing retreat an unforgettable experience.
Maria and David

The extent of the Practices and Ceremonies will be arranged and agreed upon before the retreat and not necessarily includes all of them.

Shamanic Healing Practice

During shamanic healing you will have the direct connection with the Spirit World, with your Higher Spirit. This is the way to heal spiritually, not just on the energetic level. Classic Shamanic methods work quickly, where results could be achieved by most people in a few hours experience that may otherwise take them years of silent meditation, prayer, or chanting.  
After shamanic healing retreat you will be able to change your perceptions on the world, people and situations around you that will improve your life and bring spiritual understanding and healing into your daily life.

Kambo Frog Medicine Healing

During retreat you will get help from Kambo frog medicine to release heavy energy, guilt, stagnation, negative emotions, and anything that is holding you back from manifesting your highest intentions. 
Kambo gives the power of creation, manifestation, prosperity, and supports us in the realization of our hearts deepest longings. On a physical level Kambo Frog Medicine helps to detox body, prevent infections, bacteria, viruses and help with other issues.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Ceremony

The active ingredient psilocybin, found in “hallucinogenic” psychedelic mushrooms, helps emotional healing by erasing memories of fear and pain, and in small doses of the substance stimulate neurogenesis – the process of the formation of new brain cells. This recent discovery, which was known to indigneous people for centuries, was made by a team of researchers at the University of South Florida, is published in the journal Experimental Brain Research.

While we have yet to crack the code of human consciousness, some discoveries from Psilocybin Mushroom trips may stimulate scientific creativity and enable ongoing progress. You may have the phenomenal experience of meeting with the divine, merging with the universe, or with nature, or other people. The Magic Mushrooms experience may increase your openness — openness to other people’s views, openness to new experience, openness to new ideas, openness to life itself.  

We’re here to serve you on your journey in creating a thriving life

Discover and experience the very essence of plants and animal spirits  – the wisdom, practices, sciences, philosophy, and lifestyle in a modern, easy to understand and relatable way to uplift and thrive in all realms of your life.

Through the Ceremonies during our Wellness Retreat you will be inspired & empowered to create a life that you enjoy, love and desire.

What makes the retreats unique?

During the retreat, ancient shamanic techniques of immersion in a trance with the help of psychedelic plants and mushrooms, as well as modern hypnosis/trans techniques are used. This combination of methods allows you to achieve a deep study of the psyche. 

In recent years, psychedelic psychotherapy has been rapidly developing and has already helped thousands to open their consciousness to better understand themselves and the world around them

The Retreat is On-Demand, Request Your Dates

Select custom dates to fit in with your schedule, and embark on an incredible journey back to yourself.


Ongoing Dates are subject to availability.


On a private retreat, you will receive personal attention and support, teachings and practice will be tailored specifically to you, to benefit your highest growth and healing.

Costs, Payments and Refunds

The Cost of 3 days retreat is $1,550 + accomodation and meals expenses to be discussed during the pre-registration session for 1on1 Personal Retreat,
Couples price is $2,550+


We require full prepayment at registration for at least 1 person.
Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee (per person).
The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.

Full refund will be issued in case the event is cancelled by the organizer or in a case of Global Disaster or Force Majeure events in the world

One-On-One 3 Days Personal Private Transformaion Retreat Locations

The retreat can be arranged in the following states with no additional travel cost:

Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, East Iowa, West Part of Ohio.

The private retreat could be arranged in other states with additional travel cost for the facilitator.