Post Divorce or Separation Emotional Healing 3 Days Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

in August 2018 (Exact Dates & Location to be announced SOON)

Boost Start Your Post-Divorce Healing during this 3 Days in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with Essential oils, Meditation and Access BARS & more.

Our 3 Days Retreat will help you to start the process of reclaiming your happiness after separation with your life partner and will teach you how to handle your emotions and your stress in daily life.

You will practice and learn easy techniques to start your healing process and move toward NEW life enjoyment and happiness. These techniques will improve your life dramatically, while taking around 30 – 40 min of your daily life.

Releasing the old and stock emotional patterns is the first step in taking control over your life for the happier living.

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When we have traumatic experiences or emotions that we are not ready to handle or process consciously, will be stored in cellular memory to process later. These emotions are considered toxic and can be stored in different parts of our bodies, until we recognize and release them.
Those negative emotions will generate unhealthy and unhappy life patterns and situations which can ruin our life’s happiness for a long time.
And as unhappiness is not bad enough, in addition to emotional problems, if we do not heal those issues, the body will start to manifest different kind of illnesses.

The influence of emotion and mood is significant because how you feel can determine what you think, perceive, remember, and ultimately how you behave. Since the body and mind are intrinsically related, a change in emotional or psychological disposition can have dramatic results on the health of the individual.
We need to recognize and heal our traumatic experience, and specially after the separation or divorce.

This is exactly, what we are going to be after, during our Post-Divorce or Separation Retreat:

To help you and teach you heal your emotions, and return to the road of happy and healthy living.

Make the First Step Toward Return of Your Happiness!

You Deserve to Reclaim Your Health & Happiness

Benefits of Post-Divorce Emotional Wellness Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Elimination of Fears, Anxiety and Stress

Fight Depression

Elimination of Fears / Phobias

Helps with Sleep Disorders

Life Enjoinment

Finding Life Partner

Attracting better people and situations to your life

Helps to keep moving in life in the right direction

Healing different psycho-somatic diseases

Making your life happier and much more…

How does it Gets any better than that?!

Ready to invest 3 of your life toward YOUR HAPPINESS?!

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Retreat in Illinois Includes

1-2 sessions with Essential oils
1 Access Bars Session
Daily classes on different healing techniques
Group Past Life Regression Session
Private Life Coaching session
Daily private questions and answers
After retreat 1 supporting life coaching consultation
Small group max 10 participants.

Payments and Refunds

We require full prepayment at registration ( inquire about larger groups).

Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee.

The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.

Please contact us to set up your retreat and discuss details.

We accept PayPal,  Credit Cards or check deposit to our account in the US.

Although, This is Not a Miracle and Not a Pill for Happiness!

Achievement of Above Results Requires Your Effort and Your Participation In The Process.
You will need to set your intentions and keep practicing the techniques in your daily life.

Otherwise, the effect from our Healing Retreat will be short and inconsistent.

Continue practicing these techniques in your daily life after the retreat will change your life and will bring in it a lot more happiness.
We hope to see you on the retreat and to share this beautiful experience of transformation with us.

Make The Step In To Your NEW Life Now!

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